GEMX is an industry led collaborative network of innovative companies and educational institutes in the North West.

Working together our aim is to inspire and generate engineering and manufacturing excellence.

GEMX is supported by Invest Northern Ireland through its Collaborative Growth Programme

Our Challenge

Today’s engineering and manufacturing industry faces an exciting challenge. Here in the North West, getting the right people into the right roles with the right skill sets at the right time is a complex problem that demands a multi-faceted and collaborative approach. We’re here to help establish a centre of excellence that will sustain jobs, opportunity and growth for generations to come.

GEMX exists to bring education, industry and leadership together, so we can nurture a vibrant, thriving engineering and manufacturing community in the North West region.

Our Purpose & Objectives

Our purpose is to further advance engineering and manufacturing as a valuable profession, a quantifiable strategic advantage and a vital cultural force in Ireland’s North West.

  • Raise the profile of manufacturing & engineering.
  • Develop a pipeline of talent.
  • Encourage innovation.
  • Promote the region as a fantastic place to live and study.

Steering Group

The strategic direction and oversight of GEMX is currently managed by regional stakeholders. Our goal is to make the network become self-sustaining.

Back Row:
George Fleming (Fleming Agri), Fergal Tuffy (NWRC), Declan Hanley (Seagate), Julian Whitehead (PPSL), Mark Sweeney (AE Global), Justin Quinn (UU)

Front Row:
Joanne Sweeney (GEMX), Paul Kirkpatrick (DuPont), Tina Gillespie (DCSDC), Gavin Killeen (NuPrint)

Absent From Photo:
Linda Jamison (Invest NI), Colin Spence (FAST Technologies), Kieran Hegarty (Terex)

Our Working Groups

We operate a number of working groups to further our operational activities and meet strategic objectives. These dynamic groups include a range of people from industry and education – all with different roles – to Identify opportunities, solve problems and take positive action. The Mantra for our working groups is “Let’s stop talking and start doing”.


This group is responsible for engaging with education and informing young talent and parents.


This group will focus on leadership and management within the sector in order to promote company attractiveness.


This group will work closely with the communication group but will pay particular focus to the important range of apprenticeship routes.

Industry 4.0

This group will address specific issues relating to automation, supply chain and data exchange in technology and processes within the sector.


Stakeholders come from industry, community and education. They provide an alliance of financial support, facilities and collaboration. While the North West has a number of groups already providing services to the sector, GEMX aims to bring these together to benefit everyone.

An effective network needs the three W’s – Workers, Wealth & Wisdom
Stephen Kelly - Manufacturing NI

Join The GEMX Network

Could your organisation enhance the activities of our working groups. Would you like to get involved in GEMX and shape the future of an entire industry in the North West?

We want to hear from you.
Drop us an email at joanne@gemx.uk