Seagate Technology is a world leader in data storage and management solutions. The Northern Ireland facility, based in the Nort-West is recognised as one of the foremost 200mm wafer fabrication plants in the world.

The NI facility has grown from an initial charter of world class manufacturing, in the first decade of operations, to adding development and product launch capabilities.

The facility manufactures read-write transducers or heads for its hard disc drive products with output from the NI facility supplied to other parts of the global company.

Technology innovation is the cornerstone of Seagate’s success. The industry-leading innovation delivered by the NI facility and highly skilled team continue to be at the heart of the Seagate business strategy, positioning NI operations as a world leader in nano-manufacturing.

Seagate currently employs over 1600 employees in their Springtown facility and more than 25% of these roles have engineering or professional responsibility.