GEMX Hosts North West Apprenticeship Showcase for Employers and Educators  

GEMX recently hosted the North West Apprenticeship Showcase, supported by Derry City & Strabane District Council. This unique gathering offered a fresh perspective on educational pathways, spotlighting the apprenticeship route as a prime avenue for both employers and educators to identify and nurture talent among prospective employees. 

Attendees at the North West Apprenticeship Showcase were presented with insights into the apprenticeship route as a vital pathway to education alongside employment. Employers expressed a keen interest in recognising talent and promoting the apprenticeship route to facilitate both personal and professional growth in their workforce. 

Representatives from Ulster University and North West Regional College, shared valuable information and explained the role they play as education providers within the apprenticeship process. They underscored how apprenticeships bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical expertise. Additionally, insights from industry leaders such as TEREX, FAST Technologies, and Flemings provided attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the positive impact apprenticeships can have within many sectors. 

A panel discussion, featuring representatives from MEGA, TEREX, Fujitsu, Pytilia and Disability Action, engaged attendees in discussions on how apprenticeships can enhance  company culture and drive innovation. Attendees were encouraged to explore partnerships with educational institutions to shape apprenticeship programs that align with their workforce needs and drive sustainable growth. Both UU and NWRC are keen to develop pathways within their provision to meet the need of local industry and attract the best talent to the local labour market. 

Paul Kirkpatrick, Chair of GEMX and Capital, Reliability & Maintenance Manager at DuPont, highlighted GEMX’s commitment to nurturing talent and empowering employers to shape the future of their workforce. Kevin O’Connor from Derry City & Strabane District Council emphasised the significance of recognising the value of apprenticeships in elevating the workforce. 

This event served as a catalyst for shaping the future workforce and nurturing talent. Joanne Sweeney, Project Director of GEMX, deemed the event a success, achieving its objective of proactively building a resilient, skilled, and innovative workforce in the North West. 

GEMX is supported by Invest NI under its Collaborative Growth Programme.