Internship @ DuPont

“This summer I have been completing an internship at the DuPont site in Maydown. During my time here I have completed extensive safety and procedure training. I am working with Laura Quinn, a chemical engineer on-site.

Working at DuPont has given me a great insight into industry through attending production and planning meetings. I have worked on several team projects introducing and improving facilities on site. Alongside this I have been a Project Leader on a number of projects that will improve troubleshooting and create uniformity across the plant.

Throughout my internship my eyes have been opened to what is required to keep a manufacturing plant running. There are many different roles required to make what may seem like a small decision happen. Each person working at DuPont is valued for their work which creates a positive work environment across the plant.

Thanks to Paul Kirkpatrick (Maydown Capital, Reliability & Maintenance Manager) I was able to work at DuPont and experience working in industry in the North-West. Following my internship, I am excited to return to Yale for my second year and learn more about everything I have experienced over the summer. I believe this placement will help my future learning process tremendously. I would encourage anyone to take some time during education to experience working in industry and what better place to do it than at home in the North West.”