St Cecilia’s Girls Celebrate BigBang Win!

A group of 50 year 9 students from St Cecilia’s College had a great day at DuPont on the 27th June. The school had been awarded an engineering bursary following an entry for a BigBang competition and they were delighted to be able to use the bursary to fund a STEM experience day at DuPont.


On the day, the girls had the opportunity to have a tour of the plant at Maydown. They also met a range of employees and were able to ask them questions about their job within the DuPont plant. They were very keen to hear first-hand from young employees who had chosen to leave school at 16 and take the apprenticeship route. These people are now earning money (and they told the girls how much!!!) while still progressing their education.


Staff at DuPont were delighted to engage with the visitors and were shocked at how little the general public actually knows about what is made at the DuPont facility.

The girls also took part in a STEM challenge facilitated by Sentinus where they had to design and build a fairground ride. They were helped by staff from DuPont and the ultimate winners were selected by a DuPont team.

DuPont hosted lunch for everyone which was very welcome. This was a brilliant BBQ provided by Curran’s Bakery in Greysteel.