GEMX @ School

Since the beginning of February, engineers from Seagate, McColgans and Fleming have visited Chapel Road Primary School, Model Primary School, Nazareth House Primary School and Good Shepherd Primary School as part of our GEMX@School initiative. They delivered fun and educational workshops on flight and moveable toys which the children loved!

GEMX@School involves company ambassadors being paired up with a primary school class of P5 or P6 students and providing a workshop at the school. This workshop will either be based around flight or moveable toys, and the students are encouraged to interact and ask questions regarding the engineer’s job.

Each session lasts two hours, with students encouraged to do some research about the company before the session. One of the main objectives of GEMX is to raise the profile of manufacturing and engineering in the North West and by meeting “real employees” and chatting to them about their jobs, we hope the children involved will be able to aspire to a wider range of opportunities. The events should hopefully encourage the children to think about careers and opportunities that go beyond what is already known within their family circle.