Last week, local teachers from several Northwest schools had the opportunity to visit and experience first-hand Terex, Campsie.

Teachers gained valuable insights into Terex’s commitment to being “the safest and best place to work.” The leadership reiterated that “our greatest asset and best investment is our people,” emphasizing a workplace culture prioritizing employee well-being and growth.

Terex’s strong policy on community engagement was highlighted, with a specific call to teachers to explore the support initiatives available for local schools. The company’s dedicated involvement in shaping the future workforce through various educational initiatives was evident, underlining its commitment to fostering growth and development.

During the visit, Terex emphasized its role as a major employer across Northern Ireland, providing jobs at every level to over 2000 individuals across 6 sites.

As well as this, Terex also provide great opportunities for career progression, supported by formal and informal training programs.

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